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Aqua Cares

We are pleased to introduce you to our new initiative, Aqua Cares!

One of the biggest and most important means of connection in society is community. If we examine the Latin root of the word “community,” we get “communitas.” Oxford University Press defines “communitas” as 1) “a body of people acting collectively” or 2) “a strong sense of solidarity and bonding that develops among people experiencing a ritual, rite of passage, or other transitional state together.” Thus, as human beings, we feel that in order to be healthy, fulfilled and happy, we need people, we need connection, we need intimacy, we need support.

The same word in original Greek connotes both a sense of “with-ness” or “togetherness” paired with a sense of duty or responsibility. We know that creating and sustaining powerful friendships requires us to be present and show up fully for the greater whole. That desire to create a greater sense of community and responsibility is why we created Aqua Cares; we want to be a gathering place where a group of likeminded people can connect to advocate and support the same interests our community seeks.

Community truly is about giving and receiving equally. Consequently, throughout the year, we will be sending you invitations to join us for a series of virtual events — with topics ranging from wellness to outreach to artistic events — to bring about that sense of community. The following is a list of the aspects of our new initiative:

· Aqua Cares about your moments of hardship. That’s why we created the Aqua Cares Emergency Assistance Program, designed to provide temporary relief for the LGBTQ community that we serve with time-sensitive challenges such as imminent risk of eviction, utility loss, medical bills, and food shortage. At the same time, we will also be announcing grants for which transgender organizations can apply.

· Aqua Cares about your wellness. We created events for mindfulness, self-care and sense of community with our members.

· Aqua Cares about LGBTQ families, community outreach and inclusivity, so every year we connect families together during our Family BBQ event.

· Aqua Cares about promoting artistic expression through monthly artistic performance.

· Aqua Cares about LGBTQ run businesses by highlighting a business each month on Facebook Live.

We are so excited to introduce this new virtual space for collaboration, communication and information. We invite you to get involved with this community, to act collectively with a sense of responsibility and togetherness. What can we share with you? What can you bring to Aqua Cares? We are all in this together. “Community” truly is a partnership, and we look forward to seeing you at our events!

Aqua Cares!

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