Claude Aubourg

Board Member

Meet Claude Aubourg | CEO, Artist and Global Real Estate Advisor
This Haitian American brings a great personality, wonderful work ethic and good sense of customer service to all her clients. She loves to find her clients the home of their dreams. “It gives me goose bumps,” she says. Claude earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Florida A & M University. Immediately following graduation in 1998, Claude moved to New York City to work as a professional Actor, Dancer and Real Estate Agent.  She also worked various jobs in the entertainment industry including Public Relations Assistant at Motown Records and Receptionist at Daddy’s House Recording studio (owned by P Diddy) just to name a few. She worked as a professional dancer and had appeared in music videos for Diddy and Eric Sermon, and performed in live shows with Changing Faces, Rell, and Kulcha Don.  She later started a production company with then partner and produced The Largest Lingerie Fashion Show Pajama Ball in NYC. She also promoted other events in the NYC area. She then moved to New Jersey, where she opened the Mélange School of Dance in Sicklerville, NJ. She later moved back New York City, where she continued to work as a dancer and actor, while focusing her energy on her real estate career. She later started her own company, Black Queen Productions that produces film, theater, social justice, community outreach and events. As a member of the LGBT community, she is extremely proud of who God created her to be. She is a an actor, dancer, artist, activist and business owner. Her customers can feel her honest approach upon meeting her. Ready for action, Claude is your super agent!