Nia Williams

2023-2024 Aqua Scholar

Nia Williams (she/her/hers) is a sophomore majoring in Gender and Sexuality Studies with minors in LGBTQ Studies and American Sign Language. Nia is an Executive Board member of Black Leaders for the Queer Community and serves as the Co-Executive Producer for UMTV’s “The Culture.” With a strong academic foundation, Nia aspires to complete her Bachelor’s degree and pursue an Accelerated BSN program.

Drawing from her studies in Gender & Sexuality Studies, she is passionate about integrating her knowledge into the healthcare field. Her goal is to serve as an advocate and caretaker for members of underrepresented communities. As a Black, lesbian woman, Nia seeks to serve as representation in healthcare and address intersectionalities that contribute to disparities in medical treatment.

By being an AQUA Scholar, Nia is able to not only comfortably work towards these goals without financial stressors, but it also allows how to build a community and network with members of the queer community on a level that truly makes her feel seen and welcomed!


Vanessa Kania