Peyton Sibert

2023-2024 Aqua Scholar

Peyton Sibert (she/they) is a third-year doctoral student in Florida Atlantic University’s Comparative Studies Program, where she focuses on Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Feminist Theory. Their research primarily centers on the dehumanization of the body, particularly in relation to women and queer individuals; the use of personal narratives as learning tools; and sexual purity culture. She also serves as the Vice President of the Comparative Studies Student Association, where she has assisted with organizing two annual conferences as well as several professional webinars and social events. They are passionate about advocating for academic freedom and LGBTQIA+ rights.

As an Aqua Scholar, she is thankful for the opportunity to meet and work with inspiring leaders and activists in South Florida’s LGBTQIA+ community. Prior to pursuing their PhD, they earned a Master of Arts degree in Professional Writing with concentrations in Creative Writing and Composition & Rhetoric at Kennesaw State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and minors in Marketing and Business Administration at the University of Findlay. She currently teaches Introduction to Sexuality and Gender Studies. Prior to this, they taught various college writing courses. You can find her work in the MLA Grads Blog, The Headlight Review, and From the Writers’ Kitchen. In their free time, Peyton can be found enjoying the sunshine, reading memoirs and mystery novels, or experimenting in the kitchen.

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