Steph Frosch

2023-2024 Aqua Scholar

Stephanie Frosch (she/her) is currently a Community Psychology Ph.D. student at the University of Miami. She is an award-winning content creator, theatre practitioner, educator, and LGBTQAI+ activist. Steph currently writes and produces original content online under the alias, ElloSteph. She is currently on the Advisory board for @Feminist and was a Diversity and Inclusion specialist for BuzzFeed. In addition to online education, Steph has been a speaker at The 50th Commemoration of Stonewall, World Pride, Google, Apple, Paramount, Warner Brothers, The American Alliance for Theatre and Education, GLSEN, VidCon, and several schools and universities throughout the country. Her captivating personality and tasteful manner of addressing taboo topics have earned her a credible reputation in the entertainment industry where she has interviewed celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Ruby Rose, Sarah Paulson, and more.

In 2013, Steph co-founded InterACTionZ—one of the nation’s first queer youth theatre programs—in partnership with The Zebra Coalition, a non-profit that provides services to LGBTQAI+ youth facing homelessness. Steph currently creates and teaches inclusive curricula for several schools and non-profits in New York City. Steph is continuing her LGBTQAI+ activism as a Ph.D. student in Community Psychology at the University of Miami.


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